Medical Dermatology Services

At SOHO Dermatology Associates, we offer a wide selection of services that you can choose from when you are in need of a skin doctor. This ranges all the way from standard skin conditions to complicated problems and skin cancers that need to be caught as early as possible. Our dermatologist services are exceedingly comprehensive because we want to be able to treat any skin condition that you may have.

In addition to evaluation and treatment services we offer:

  • Complete skin exams to check for skin cancer
  • Skin biopsies to diagnosis skin disease and skin cancers
  • Treatments of skin cancer including surgical and chemotherapeutic treatments
  • Tests for skin allergies (Patch Test)
  • Botox for hyperhidrosis
  • Dermtech Adhesive Patch test for non-invasive evaluation of moles
  • Body photography for mole mapping
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